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*****  Please note:   We offer combined shipping on all of our items!  If you see more than one item that you are interested in, please contact us and we will send you a combined invoice.   ****   Please contact us for International shipping rates
MAYATEX - New Zealand Wool Saddle Blankets  34"x36"                                                                     1314s_combo_dealer                

We currently have the following colors in stock:   Aubergine, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Sand, Chocolate Brown, Chestnut, Fawn, Teal. 


San Juan Solid Oversize (4.0 lbs.)

For those who demand perfection, each of our wool solid color saddle blankets is finished with our flat "no curl" hem!

1314c-18-black_copy_thumb Black 18 1314c-19-cream_copy_thumb Cream 19
1314s-20-hunter_green_copy_thumb Hunter Green 20
1314c-23-sand_copy_thumb  Sand 23 1314c-24-chocolate_brown_copy_thumb Chocolate Brown 24
1314-25_thumb Chestnut Brown 25
1314c-28-red_copy_thumb Red 28
1314c-29-purple_copy_thumb Purple 29
1314c-31-royal_blue_copy_thumb Royal Blue 31
1314c-32-teal_copy_thumb Teal 32
1314-33-turquoise_copy_thumb Turquoise 33
1314c-35-lime_copy_thumb Lime 35
1314c-36-yellow_copy_thumb Yellow 36
1314c-37-orange_copy_thumb Orange 37
1314-38a_thumb Sage 38
1314-41_thumb Red Earth 41
1314s-72-fuchsia_copy_thumb Fuchsia 72
1314c-75-sweet_pink_copy_thumb Sweet Pink 75
1314c-76-aqua_copy_thumb Aqua 76
1314c-78-periwinkle_blue_copy_thumb Periwinkle blue 78
1314c-79-soft_turquoise_copy_thumb Soft Turquoise 79
1314c-80-crystal_blue_ice_copy_thumb Crystal Blue Ice 80
1314s-85-fandango_pink_copy_thumb Fandango Pink 85
1314-86_copy_thumb Buttercup 86 






$43.00 + $17.00  4lb New Zealand Wool 34 x 36"   Shipping via Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box.   

$14.95 + $13.00  Ranger Hogan 34 x 36"  Shipping Via Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

When sending payment, please make a note of color choice.     


(If you do not see a color that you would like, feel free to ask, as we can order any Mayatex Blankets.    We can even order them with custom designs, weave, color and embroidery.