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Satisfied Clients


 The bolero came in and is more stunning in person. Wow!!!! I LOVE IT!!! The fabric is so unique and will really stand out in the pen. The fit is wonderful and LOVE the fringe. Thank you so very much for the time you put into it👍👍 Marci K.

The shirts have arrived and when I opened the packages, I was stunned. So beautiful, you really did a wonderful job. Thank you so much, especially for that quick realization of the green shirt. Sometimes it's just a small step from an idea to reality.
Now I really look forward to this show season with these amazing new outfits!
As soon as I have the first pictures, I'm going to send you some!
Again thank you so much!
Many greetings from Bavaria


I received my shirt and pad today. I love them! The shirt fit perfectly and is so beautiful. I shared your website on a western pleasure group on Facebook so everyone else knew where to get good shirts for good prices. One of the members commented on my post and said she'd bought multiple items from you and had only good things to say bout you. Needless to say if I need another shirt I will be contacting you.  Thanks so much!  Kendaa

"I highly recommend Fawn's work!! I have now bought one premade shirt. Since that have had two more made, and am eagerly awaiting for them to arrive! I have just placed an order for three more. I am in Australia, and find her work very good and very affordable!
Thanks so much Fawn!
Kristen Campbell (Meyers) "



I was just looking through your beautiful new designs and thought I would share a photo of a blouse I purchased from you two years ago. I have never received so  many compliments and, "Where did you get that???" inquiries on another blouse. This shirt is loud and proud and totally unique and I love it! It still looks and fits like it was brand new. Here is a win photo taken a few weeks ago, if you would like to add it to your gallery. Thanks for making stunning show apparel at reasonable prices and in sizes that cater to all shapes of women!        - Kristi P.




Hi Fawn,

Thank you very much “Merci beaucoup” for the fast work and the photos, it is simply STUNNING!!!, you are a magician!!!! I’m very happy and can’t wait to receive them, I’m sure sarah will love it.

It is a real pleasure to work with you Fawn, thanks and kind regards


 You are an angel, I look forward to another TOP OF THE LINE shirt! God bless, Dee

Dear Fawn,

We received my daughter's shirt last week.  How very prompt of you!!

I was at work when it arrived, but she called right away and was just ecstatic! "It is really cool," she said.  "I love it!" 

It is beautiful.  The jewels on the cuffs and collar are perfect.  We will recommend you to all our 4-H friends!!!

 A Truely Satisfied Customer,

Tish Callahan

Hello Fawn, I just wanted to tell you that you did an AWESOME job on my shirt! I absolutly LOVE it. I really like the texture of the cuffs and collar, I will be putting silver nailhead and crystals on them. I cant thank you enough for working with me, and the great communication you kept with me, I appreciate you so much! I will gladly tell my show buddies about your craftmanship and what a great EBAYER you have been to my daughter and I. I will keep you at the top of my favorites list and hope to purchase more from you. Thank you, Thank you Fawn, again for having the service that you have for those of us that cant afford the high dollar show shirts. your friend,BJ
Got my shirt in today and the pictures just do not do it justice....but I'm falling in with the rest of your customers and I just love it!  Tried it on and it fits very well, I can't wait to wear it and put it thru an Arkansas summer.  That's the reason I bought it I think it is going to be very breathable with the sleeves unlined.  You are very easy to work with and affordable with quality work.  I've bought some expensive brands and they are the same quality if not less than your item.  I am very very pleased and look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Thanks again for the great quality and prices, but also working with a poor girl's budget.
Little Rock, AR
OMG .... Fawn ... That is truley AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!  LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE IT!!!!
You are SO AMAZING ... and SO FAST!!!!!!!!   You amaze me!!   Ya know there is no one that could EVER take you place on any aspect of your business.  I'm not kidding ... I have never had someone work with me like you.  I Absolutely adore you!!  I REALLY DO!!  WOW!!!
Thank you a millions times over ... Great Big Hugs,  Suzanne
I love my shirt! Thank you so much! I can get last place and still feel AWESOME in this shirt! OMG!! The zipper is so cool! I don't need to search e-bay anymore, I have bought from others, and you are by far the best overall! I appreciate your very fast service and your communication with me. Your prices are fair and you don't overcharge shipping! I look forward to shopping from you more in the future knowing that you are honest and fair. Thanks again! Jody
I have it hanging here right beside me in my computer room.  I told my husband that if I die I want to be buried in it, and I was not kidding.  He promised.     Nat
I got my shirt in the mail yesterday and I'm IN LOVE WITH IT! I'm extremely happy with how it turned out and it fits perfectly!  Jane, who also had a couple shirts made from you a few weeks ago, and I have both qualified for regional competition in Western Horsemanship through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association and are very excited to wear our new shirts!  We'll be sure to send you a picture.
Thanks again for your great customer service and providing such a great product at such a reasonable price!!
Kaity Strand
Dear Fawn,
 I wanted to let you know I LOVE my jacket! Its everything i could have hoped for and i love love loveee the stand-up collar it looks very nice :)
I'm sure ill be contacting you again soon for another wonderful jacket!!
Thank you so much!
SENSATIONAL!   What a beautiful shirt!  The picture was very attractive on your website but the 'real thing' is even more stunning.  You do such beautiful work.  And. Wow...that's some zipper.  The shirt just feels so good when worn, too.  Photo enclosed.  Will send you a picture of the 'whole package', with the horse included, after our first show.  Thanks so much!
Hi Fawn,
OMG ... OMG ... OMG .... WOW ... I LOVE THE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!   You were not kidding when you said I'm gonna love it!!  Pictures sure did not do it justice!!  It is the prettiest shirt I have EVER seen!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT ... I can't say it enough about it ... it is amazing!!  It fits perfect!!  Good thing we didn't go smaller in the chest, I wouldn't have fit there.  lol.  It's sooooooooooooo perfect!!!
THANK YOU ... THAN YOU ... THANK YOU!!!!!!!  :) :)
Big hugs and big smiles,
I just wanted to brag on your blouses. It is not always easy to find flattering clothes in bigger sizes. You seem take in to account that anything too "busy" is not flattering on an overweight woman. I already won 3.5 AQHA points in this one, and I received it a week ago.
thanks again!
Sharon Melton
Hi Fawn, 
I received the shirt today.   OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!  I knew that it was going to be pretty, but when I opened the package, I was just stunned.   It is absolutely gorgeous.   Thank you for the fast shipping too.    
Fawn - We received Tori's show shirts today.  They are absolutely beautiful!!! They look fantastic on her - We will for sure send you pictures when we go to a show.  Thank you so much, Tori was so surprised to get the second shirt and I'm so glad I went ahead and got that one too.  The colors match her show pads and chaps so perfectly. Tori and her mare will dazzle the judges. All I can say is you're amazing!!!
Thanks again,
Hi Fawn,
Let me just start with saying you are a LIFE SAVER!!!! The slinkies worked out great!!!
Raina, CO 
Hi Fawn, The shirt you made me brought me home a grand again!   Taylor

You are speedy!!!:0)
We got the shirts today! And they are so pretty! Hailey and I were so excited!
I can't wait to send you pictures! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
You do such nice work:0)


The Black and white shirt arrived- What a gorgeous shirt, it is perfect in every way! Oh thank you, thank you! It fits perfect and looks wonderful. I am so pleased.
Susan Vondrak
Stevensville, MT









Hi Fawn!
It is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to show in it!!!!!!!!  It is perfect!! Yippeee!! Your are sooo talented!!
I cant wait to try it on! Thank you soo much for the pics!!!! I will let you know when I get it!!! Kathy:0)
OMG I got the shirt you made me today, it is beautiful!    I have several show shirts and vests and none of them come close to your shirt.  I absolutely love it.   My husband said "you will never get another outfit from anyone but her"  :) He told me we are done with e-bay we are going to just contact you.    It fits perfectly - I will tell everyone who asks who to go to for show clothes - YOU!  
Thank you so much and e-mail me if you have any new ones you think I can't live without :) My horse is Grey and the red with look good on her.

YAY! I love it!  Tried it on immediately after opening and it fits like a glove. Thank you so much. The sleeves are just what I had in mind too, just a small point and not a big flare at the tip of cuff. LOVE the pink/white/black combo lycra! Gonna look good with black chaps and platinum white hat on my dark bay filly. Thanks again, Karla

Hi Fawn,
 I just recieved the shirt that you custom made for my daughter. Wow! Fantastic! Let me know if you'd like pictures so you can use them on your website. I've been a customer for years, and We love your work!
Thanks Again,

Thanks so much! We won the purple leopard and black similar to this and love it.  She wore it to win our state championship in poles!!
Leigh Ann









Haley's new shirt arrived last night.  FABULOUS as usual!  It fits
perfectly, matches the saddle blanket perfectly and I love that you used
the colored crystals on it.  I'll have to get some pictures for you this
summer.  That color is going to look awesome on the rail.  Another
superior job.  It's perfect, really perfect.  Thank you.


I just wanted to say you do beautiful work!!!! I purchased a slinky last month expecting the usual,couldn't believe the workmanship and how gorgeous it was!!!! You are true seamstress,some people sew ,but you do magic. THANKS AGAIN MARY


FYI - I went to the show yesterday and I wore the dark red/black/tan paisley shirt. Not only did I win first place in Novice Western Pleasure (did I mention that Bugsy rocks!), but I had several people tell me how pretty my shirt was. One lady even said - I had to tell you how pretty your shirt is and I hardly ever notice what people are wearing. :-) Yes, I told her where I purchased it. Sherri, FL

My shirt arrived on Friday, safe and sound.  All I can say is WOW!  I LOVE IT!  That is going to look SO COOL!  I tried it on right away and it fits perfectly.  I think it’s the first show shirt I’ve ever had that the sleeves were the right length!  I usually have to roll everything up, or bunch it up in the elbows.  I can’t wait to go to a show and wear this….it is going to be way cool. Angie, MN

We received the shirt today – it is beautiful!!!!  You did such a nice job we are so excited.  I will be recommending you to all our 4-H friends – people are always looking for someone to sew (dying talent!!!!)  Thank you so very much – we will definitely be back for more!!!!!  Thanks a million!    Maralee, GA